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Resources post

It's time, I've been making graphics for some time now. Some of the resources I use are old though, and I don't remember who made them. If you recognize the work of someone who is not in that post, let me know!

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Long time...

Hello lovelies, long time no? Well, I was busy failing two of my crochet projects!
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New crochet book and new year's Eve

Hi lovelies! That amazing book was waiting for me when I came home from my Christmas vacation at mum's last week.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all the members of my flist! I wish I could have a drink with all of you, clinging glasses of champagne, hug you all and kiss you dearly. As it is, I send to all of you all sorts of good vibs and good wishes for this new year. I really hope this year is going to be good and kind to you, wealthy and fun! Love you all!!!

new project: stained glass window church

So here's my new project. I'm a sucker for stained windows, and I fell in love with that pattern created by Elizabeth Ham the moment I saw it. Here's her video tutorial for it, witch explain better than worlds. You don't have to see all the video, just go until the 7th sec. to see the result.
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If you want to...

You may have noticed that I went into a total different direction than fandom and icon/photoshop on my lj these days. The thing is, I have totally lost my mojo and interest with Photoshop, and there's nothing in fandom that interest me any more. It's going to stay like this until it comes back. So if those things where why you were here, and if yarn, crochet and knitting don't interest you, I would totally understand if you defriend me :-)

Manouche's throw

So, I didn't throw myself into the thermal adventure without my yarns, my needles and my crochet. And a plan. Exactly, a plan to do a pullover. And I did make it... For a while.Read more...Collapse )


Back from hiatus

Hello there! Well, I'm back from my 3 weeks course of treatment, and that was... Read more...Collapse )



From now and for 3 weeks, I'm on a hiatus. I'm going on a thermal cure, and I have no idea what would be the connection there. At best, I will be able to read my messages, but not to post anything. So, forget about me!! ;-))


Icons, stock, theme Paris, France

Another patch all shiny and new. I've lived in Paris for 15 years, then decided than I wanted 3 cats and a garden and move to the Parisian suburb. I really love it here, but Paris will always have a special place in my heart. Dirt, pollution, noise, grumpy Parisians, and I will always love it :-))
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